The top 10 Horror movies that you really should watch

As a fan of the horror movie genre I am always on the lookout for interesting new/old films. Over the past few years I have found quite a few horror movies that definitely make me think twice about walking around my house in the middle of the night.

So what makes up a good horror movie? Well, some would say awesome blood and special effects. For this blogger, a movie has to go deeper in order to pique my interest. I prefer to avoid the remake of the common slasher films and storylines that, let’s face it, can easily be figured out at the start of the movie.

Perhaps my favorite part of horror movies is what I refer to as the fake out. At this point you know something strange or scary is about to happen, like when a character is slowly opening a door while home all alone in the dark. Instead of a climax there ends up being nothing there to be scared about. With good lighting and music, the fake out is accomplished very well in many films, keeping the movie watcher enthralled with suspense.

Most of the following have interesting twists that I haven’t seen before along with well-paired suspenseful music, dark lighting with visibility, and twisted endings or open-ended conclusions.

1. Insidious

A fantastic story of a family that moves to a big house where their son has a mysterious accident in the attic. He falls and ends up in a coma that doctors can not explain or cure. Soon after, the family starts seeing apparitions in their new house and moves to a different house only to find the problem has followed them. Out of options, they bring in a medium and ghost hunting team to investigate. The medium explains their son is stuck in a place called “The Further”. The Further is a place where the mind leaves the body, through astral projection. The family must send someone to retrieve their son from The Further so he can regain his physical body. I personally love the twist of using astral projection in the film.

2. Death of a Ghost Hunter

Carter Simms is a well-known ghost hunter contracted to perform a paranormal investigation on a haunted house. Carter Simms, a cameraman, a medium, and a reporter undertake a three-night journey through the haunted house. This movie may not contain all the special effects, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

3. Sinister

After moving to a new house, a true crime writer finds old 8mm home movies about the story he is currently researching. The movies suggest they are of a serial killer whose killings date back to the 1960’s.

4. The Ring

A mysterious videotape, which causes death to anyone who sees it, is investigated by a journalist.

5. The Grudge

An American nurse becomes the target of a supernatural curse that puts a person in a powerful rage before killing them and spreading to another victim.

6. Paranormal Activity

I don’t think I need to describe this one, if you haven’t seen this one yet get on it. Everyone needs to feel the fear of getting dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by an unknown force.

7. The Blair Witch

Film students go missing in the woods after investigating the local Maryland legend of the Blair Witch, and all that is left is the footage they shot. This was very forward thinking when it came out in terms of story telling style.

8. The Shining

A family, while staying in an off-season hotel to do some work, experiences a spiritual presence and sees horrible scenes from the past and future. This movie sparked my interest in horror movies from a young age after watching it.

9. Mama

Lucas and Annabel are overjoyed to find, and raise, his young nieces that were lost in the forest for five years. How did they survive and were they alone?

10. Darkness Falls

A spirit begins to take vengeance out on a town that lynched her 150 years ago. Her opposition is a child who, having survived her wrath in the past, is now grown up and back in town.
This one is a creative spin on the tooth fairy.

I find it so hard to limit myself to 10 movies, but these movies are a great start for a fright night movie night any day of the year. Most of the films can be found quite easily. I personally have watched quite a few on this list through Netflix or Redbox. What are some of your favorites and why? Comments are always welcome.

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