DIY: How to make a Windows 8 recovery boot disk (on USB, CD, or DVD)

Recently, I became the proud owner of a computer that refused to load my Windows 8 installation. Since I hadn’t created a recovery disk to access the advanced recovery options included in Windows 8, getting my computer up and running again took what felt like an eternity.

After fixing my problem I decided to take some time to ensure access to the advanced recovery options in the future. The following DIY guide shows you how to make a Recovery Disk using a CD, DVD, or USB flash-drive.


1. First drag your cursor to the lower right hand corner of your Windows 8 start screen, look for the search option on the right hand side of the screen. CLICK IT.

recovery drive search

2. Type “recovery drive” in the search box, select Settings underneath the search box, and CLICK “Create Recovery Drive”.

recovery drive next

3. After clicking the Create Recovery Drive, a window on the desktop will appear. In this window it says “Create Recovery Drive” CLICK NEXT.

connct usb or make dvd

4. Another window appears asking you to connect a USB drive with at least 256 MB of storage space. To make a Recovery Disk with a USB drive just CLICK NEXT. If you are using a CD or DVD, continue to step 5.

5. To make a recovery Disk with a CD or DVD, CLICK “Create system repair disk with CD or DVD instead”.

create disk

6. A new window will prompt you to select your DVD-R or CD-R drive. After choosing your drive, CLICK “Create disk”.

Should you need to use your Windows 8 recovery boot disk (USB, CD, or DVD) enter your computer’s bios settings and enable the first boot device to CD, DVD, or USB. The bios setting can normally be accessed while the computer is starting up by pressing “DELETE”. Comments are always welcome.

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