Songza, I want to……..

Everyday I use my Windows 8 personal computer as my stereo during parties and work, and as my mood enhancer when I want to kick back. I recently downloaded Songza from the Microsoft Store for free.


My first experience with it was amazing. I selected workout music and was greeted by the theme songs to The Karate Kid. Not everyone works out on their treadmill to 80’s movie soundtracks, although you should try it, but Songza has given us the option.

songza settings

Categories are displayed by tasks often corresponding with the time of day. In the settings you can change your time of day to suit your mood.

Screenshot (25)

After choosing the time of day and task, you’re given a few options of music. Select a playlist and start it up.

Screenshot (26)

On the left side of the page is the current artist information along with skip, pause, and dislike/like options. On the right side you will find more playlists similar to the current playlist.

Music is different for everyone, but with this application I felt I could tailor my music to fit all my moods and tasks. Try it out! Comments are always welcome.

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