Buying a Car: Save Money

We all use them we all ride in them and we all at some point must purchase a new one. Yes buying a car is one of the hardest purchases to make, besides a house, in your life. When I purchased my first car, at age 18, I knew very little about the process. Fortunately for me I had a great friend that worked a car dealership to guide me through the process.


It is much easier now to research your car than it was when I bought my first car. The Internet can provide you comparisons, interest rates, car values, and even guides on what to do. The problem I have with these sites is the shear amount of information they throw at you all at once. The information is great but when paired with sponsored advertisements it can make the whole process seem counterproductive.  What is a guy or girl to do to make the whole task of buying a car easy? Well as a former Professional Auto Sales Associate I can recommend very few guides as they never give you the exact information you need. The recommended guide below does make it easy and even provides a check sheet so you have everything you need before you buy.

If you are interested in a great Car Buyers Guide written by an industry professional then follow the link below. Oh and this guide is absolutely FREE.

Free Car Buyers Guide Download .PDF


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